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Maria Moore

This is the debut novel of Maria Moore (she/her) . She spent the first years of her life as an Old Colony Mennonite in Mexico. Her life exposed her to abuse which was also the life that her mother endured. Generational trauma and the murder of her father are the foundations with which she was provided at a young age. Through education (as a registered nurse) she has learned how to take the shame of her past to educate and empower others with similar challenges. She has written a book – Not My Kind of Mennonite – to bring attention to the struggles of her parents as they moved out of the colony and tried to make a life in Canada. A murder, a criminal trial, addiction, mental health struggles, abuse and the breakdown of a family set the tone of this true story.

Maria is on Instagram @authormariamoore and on her website where you can purchase her book, Not My Kind of Mennonite.


Not My Kind of Monnonite

Not My Kind of Mennonite is a personal dive into the history, culture, and religious and social pressures faced by one Mexican Mennonite family. Maria Moore blends her research about the Mennonite community with firsthand accounts about her family to fully explore her father’s legacy, life, hopes, and dreams.

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