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LWS Anthology Project

The London Writers Society is excited to invite members to submit short stories and poetry for consideration in our first published anthology. Submission guidelines and details can be found below.

Space in this collection is limited. Each entry will be reviewed by a panel of readers to select a longlist. We are thrilled that the talented and much celebrated Emma Donoghue is our Finalist Judge. She will review the longlisted entries to select the finalists. Finalists will be published in the anthology.

Sharpen your pencils (or dust off that keyboard) and start writing!

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A Word From The Anthology Team

Here’s a quick word (or two) from The Anthology Team to better explain the project. 

Anthology Project Submission Guidelines

Please review the guidelines carefully to ensure you understand the scope of this project and adhere to the guidelines.

The London Writers Society invites members who are residents of Southwestern Ontario to submit prose or poetry to the inaugural Anthology Project. Please review these guidelines before submitting.

1. Theme:

a. The title and theme of the Anthology is Out of the Woods: Voices of the Forest City.

b. Each entry should include a literal or metaphorical reference to the theme. (Unsure if your submission qualifies? The answer is probably yes!)

2. Length:

a. Maximum word count, prose: 2,500 words.

b. Maximum line count, poetry: 100 lines.

c. There is no minimum word count for either prose or poetry.

3. Eligibility:

a. Only original, unpublished work, in English, is eligible. Work that has appeared on a personal website, blog or social media is eligible.

b. AI generated work is not eligible. 

c. Work may be simultaneously submitted. If you are invited to have your entry published elsewhere, please notify us immediately to pull your submission. Withdrawals can be no later than midnight, November 15, 2024. Please note that your entry fee will not be reimbursed.

d. Multiple entries are permitted. You can submit up to two short stories (in fiction and/or nonfiction) and up to three poems. Please submit each entry separately. The submission fee applies to each entry.

e. All authors must be London Writers Society members in good standing, 18+ years old, and live in Southwestern Ontario.

4. Fees:

a. A fee of $20 is required for each entry. Fees will be applied toward the cost of administering, editing, judging, producing, promoting and publishing.

b. The London Writers Society will own First North American Serial and Digital Rights. After publication, all rights revert back to the author.

5. Deadlines:

a. The submission portal opens September 15, 2024 at 00:01 EST.

b. The submission portal closes October 15, 2024 at 23:59 EST.

6. How to Submit:

a. Submissions will only be accepted through the Member Portal on the London Writers Society website.

b. Submissions that are emailed or sent by traditional mail will not be accepted.

7. Format:

All entries are to be anonymous. Your name must not appear on the submitted file.

a. 1” margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced. Please number your pages. (Poetry can be formatted as required to preserve artistic integrity.)

b. Cover page must include title, category (fiction, non-fiction or poetry) and word/line count. (Word/line count does not include the title or title page content.) Do not include your name.

c. Name your document as:  Title of Entry.doc (or .docx)

8. Longlist Selection:

a. Entries will be divided into three categories: Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry.

b. A panel of First Readers will be assigned to each category.

c. These volunteer First Readers will include members and/or external readers who have experience in their assigned category.

d. LWS Members who volunteer as First Readers in a specific category are not eligible to submit work to that category.

e. Work submitted will be scored based on specific criteria predetermined by the Anthology Team.

f. Each First Reader will individually score all entries. The Anthology Team will select the entries from highest to lowest scores to produce a longlist.

g. The longlist will be announced November 15, 2024.

9. Shortlist Selection:

a. Long-listed entries will be judged by our Finalist Judge, the celebrated author Emma Donoghue.

b. Ms Donoghue will review the longlist and select the shortlist (to be announced December 15, 2024).

c. All shortlisted finalists will be published in the Anthology.

10. Publishing Process:

a. Shortlisted entries will be edited for publication from January 2025 to March 2025. 

b. A professional editor will work with each author.

c. The Anthology will move into production in April 2025.

11. Launch:

a. Marketing and promotion will begin early in 2025.

b. A book launch will be held in June 2025 (date, time and location to be confirmed).

London Arts Council and City of London logos.

This project is supported by the London Arts Council through the City of London’s Community Arts Investment Program.

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