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Jorge Mazza

Jorge Mazza was born and raised in a neighbourhood in the suburbs of Buenos Aires (Argentina) where he spent his childhood and adolescence. He started writing at the early age of twelve. He graduated from Medical School at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He moved to London (Ontario-Canada) with his wife where he practiced Medicine for more than 40 years.

Today, in retirement he re-discovered his passion for writing. Due to his daily interaction with patients he learned a great deal about the complexities of mankind that he portrays in his first novel A New Beginning. This book reflects his lifetime experience on the diversity of human behaviour.

Besides writing he is also an avid cyclist and enjoys carpentry using old reclaimed wood.



This novel is an easy read and a page turner. It describes real-life ups and down of a group of characters that suddenly discover that someone is living inside them who hasn’t been invited with a different personality that creates conflict in their life. All of these people lived in a community and developed interesting connections in spite of their differences. They experience love, infidelity, fanaticism, depression, friendship, spiced with a good amount of humor that will keep you entertained capturing your imagination until the end. Don’t be surprised if you feel identified with some of the characters, this might keep you reading until you find out what happened.

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