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Charlotte H Broadfoot Profile Picture

Charlotte H. Broadfoot

Essentially an old-school, beach-read type of storyteller, Charlotte H. Broadfoot writes short stories under her own name and the Alaerton Alumni Mysteries under the nom de plume: Charlotte Helion. Born in Toronto but a happy ‘Southwesterner’ for several decades, she lives and writes in London, Ontario, Canada.

The author enjoys weaving historical and factual information into the ‘fabric’ of a story, combining a warp(ed) sense of humour at times with the weft – an unapologetic punster.

The author divides each year into two: winter writing and summer activities. Time off she claims (others may ‘ex-claim’) rests and regenerates her brain.

Charlotte is a great animal lover, as evidenced by her subject matter. Her own pets, past and present, often feature in cameo roles.

She loves to do food experimentation on friends and family (sometimes a cautionary tale in itself.)

A control-freak where her personal work is concerned, eschewing A.I. completely, she believes in original ideas and creations, drawing from personal experience and passions. Designing her own cover art and content imagery is also mandatory ‘in her book.’ (Dabbling in various other arts and crafts, when time permits, however, is considered a treat.)

If you would like to know more, please visit the author’s eclectic website for blog/writing-updates/crafts absolutely anybody can do/recipes for starving artists:


Vol. 1 Alaerton Alumni Mysteries: REUNION

Cerby Llewelyn attends her 10 year reunion at a riding school in England. Murder and mayhem, relationship trials, and a historical treasure hunt ensues….

Vol. 2 Alaerton Alumni Mysteries: CELTIC KNOTS

Cerby and Alumni crisscross the UK in search of answers to murders that hit close to home. An unusual twist on the Arthurian legend…

Vol. 3 Alaerton Alumni Mysteries: THE MAPLE BLIGHT

The Alumni are on vacation visiting Cerby and RCMP mate, Aidan, at their Vermont Farm. A ‘sweet and sour’ adventure ensues cross- border. An unusual pairing of mysteries and passions combine, cooking up some ‘piquant’ food for thought…

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