Alastair Henry and Candas Whitlock

Alastair was born in Glasgow, Scotland, grew up in Lancashire, England, and at 19 immigrated to Canada by himself.  He became a typical yuppie with a family, house in the suburbs, and a big job in the corporate sector. At age 46, he went into business for himself.  Following London Life’s Freedom 55 plan, he retired at 57, and went to live in the country. But two years later, disillusioned with the passivity of an early retirement and in search of adventure and greater personal fulfillment, he sold up everything and went to live with a small First Nations band in a remote fly-in location in the N.W.T.

Cultural differences and the challenging environment ignited in him fresh perspectives, inspired a new way of being and fueled his soul searching. The experience changed the direction of his life and is at the core of his autobiography: “Awakening in the Northwest Territories.”

When he left the north two years later, motivated and passionate about helping others less fortunate, he went to Bangladesh for two years as a Cuso International Development volunteer, followed by a placement in Nigeria.

Candas grew up in Toronto where she raised her family and worked extensively in the social service sector.  Her career covered numerous private and public services including early childhood education, employment management for persons with disabilities, environmental advocacy, and community development.  Her journey eventually took her to London, Ontario where she continued to follow her passions to serve her community.

Alastair met Candas one day by chance, fell in love, and with a shared passion to improve the lives of others, they set off together on a new path of adventure in volunteering and travel. They went to Jamaica and Guyana on one year Cuso assignments, and in between placements, backpacked Central America and S. E. Asia for 8 months. These experiences were so personally rewarding that they felt compelled to write two memoirs: “Go For It – Volunteering Adventures on Roads Less Traveled” and “Go For It – Budget Backpacking for Boomers”, to share their adventures  with fellow “Boomers” to inspire and motivate them to “Go For It.”  

Just when they thought their volunteering and writing days were over, they found themselves deeply embedded in a First Nations culture (the ‘Namgis) in Alert Bay B.C. on another 4 month Cuso assignment and with lots to write about. What they learned about the social injustices inflicted on First Nations people by the governments of the day so impacted them on a deep personal level that they felt obliged to share their enlightenment with other non-aboriginal people. “Tides of Change –Volunteering Adventures in Alert Bay, B.C” is the fourth memoir in their “Boomers’ Adventures” series.

To sell their books, they present an entertaining audio/visual story-telling show (readings accompanied by music and Power Point) to audiences throughout S. W. Ontario.



Book One:  Awakening in the Northwest Territories

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Book Two:  Go For It – Volunteering Adventures on Roads Less Travelled

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Book Three:  Tides of Change – Volunteering Adventures in Alert Bay B.C.

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Book Four:  Budget Backpacking for Boomers

To be published in December 2016


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