Author Pat Brown can’t remember a time she didn’t write. You might say it runs in the family–her great uncle John Defoe was the renowned editor-in-chief of the Winnipeg Free Press pre WWII. Pat’s approach to life was tempered in the forges of Los Angeles and after eight years in the City of Angels she was endowed with a fascination for the gritty side of life. She explores those worlds in her various stories, crossing genres from Science Fiction to romance to mysteries; writing her first published novel, L.A. Heat (originally titled Babylon Boneyard) in 2004 She knew after the second draft that this was a keeper and became a lot more serious about finding an agent. L.A. Heat was followed by 3 others in the series, as well as 3 other contemporary novels and a paranormal romance. She now writes historical novels under the pen name GK Parker. Ashes & Ice, her first historical novel, was published in 2015 and her second, Indifferent City, which takes her back to Los Angeles during Prohibition, came out in 2016.

On a personal level, over the years she has worked a variety of jobs from a housekeeper, horse groom, retail aquarium store manager, hospital porter, census taker, movie extra, and for nearly 10 years she worked in the IT field. Her final position was as a Network Engineer for a law firm in Bermuda. She has since retired and now lives in London, Ontario with her pet rats.


A serial killer is targeting gay men. LAPD Detective David Laine–gay but deeply closeted–investigates. The suspect: Christopher Bellamere, an openly gay California “golden boy”. But when cop and suspect meet, an immediate attraction complicates the case and David Laine’s very private life.

David—a LAPD Homicide Detective—struggles to find balance between his intense feelings for Chris, the urges of his newly liberated libido, and the demands of a job where bodies pop up on an all too regular basis. Chris—blonde, smart, out and proud—faces his own set of challenges. Life events conspire to bring David and Chris together while at the same time keeping them apart.

A grisly discovery in LA’s Griffith Park leads Detective David Laine into a labyrinthine mystery involving human trafficking, gunrunning, and murder. When David connects the deaths of three pregnant Ukrainian women, he fears he may be biting off more than he can chew.

When computer security specialist Chris Bellamere is hired to find out who hacked St. Anne’s Medical Center, he is pulled into a high-tech game of cat-and-mouse with a dangerous hacker whose skills could unleash major chaos in the city of Los Angeles.

All Jason Zachary wants is to keep the loneliness and despair at bay. He escapes to the clubs where drugs and a warm body for the night offer fleeting comfort. But when he wakes one morning, dazed after another blackout, to find himself in bed with a dead body, his life careens him into the arms of Detective Alexander Spider.

Homicide detective Alexander Spider isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. But the idea of a week of hiking and camping in the beautiful mountains of the Los Padres National Forest is enough to make him cringe. There is only one person in the world who can make Spider consider such an outlandish idea–his lover, Jason.

Author P.A. Brown explores love and romance—from the fervent yearnings of first encounters to the sensual passions of homecomings—in this erotic collection of seven short stories and a novella that brings to life everything from vacation hookups on the sun-kissed island of Bermuda to abiding love and hope in the snowy Sierra Nevada. Passion and romance are the common themes that bring these men together and make their stories enticing.

From the fast pace of the City by the Bay to the rugged serenity of the Land of Enchantment, Todd and Keith eagerly embrace passion, friendship, and romance as fate–with a little help from two charming Dobermans and a rambunctious Chihuahua–offers a chance at forever love.


A crooked cop, a mysterious, classy dame: what could possibly go wrong? In a time where the only difference between cops and gangsters were their badges, unscrupulous LAPD Officer Billy Duquesne protects his underworld bosses with efficient brutality. Until he falls for the wrong dame, and finds out there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed.