Baen Books now accepting submissions

Baen Books

For all the Science Fiction and fantasy writers out there, Baen Books, one of the most prestigious publishers of speculative fiction, are now accepting completed manuscripts.

For details on what and how go here

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Disneyland for Crime Writers: 2015 Writer’s Police Academy

The WPA has been going on now for several years. I was lucky enough to go 3 years ago in North Carolina. It’s moving this year to the Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI, an actual training academy.

It’s a long weekend of the most intense training you will ever experience unless you go through a police academy yourself and become a cop. I can’t recommend this conference enough. If you ever wanted to know how real cops are trained you have to go. If you intend to go though, you have to be on the ball, since from the time registration opens, it usually sells out in a few hours. In the previous 2 years Sisters In Crime has subsidized the cost — which isn’t high for a conference of this caliber — and hotels are always very reasonable.

To learn more check it out here and watch out for future announcements.

Writer’s Police Academy

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Ashes & Ice Released!

Happy New Year LWS and friends. my historical novel, Ashes & Ice, written under the penname GK Parker is now available in ebook. A trade paperback version will follow soon.


This novel was a labor of love. Started in late 2010, after months of research, of which I enjoyed every minute of, false starts, first drafts then second, third… fourth, this novel took form. It went through a number of title changes too. It started out as City of Blood & Ice, then just Blood & Ice, then I flirted with Fire & Ice until finally settling on Ashes & Ice.

The novel idea first came to me when I saw Gangs of New York for the first time. It blew me away and Five Points intrigues me. Anyone who knows my writing knows I often explore the gang scene in my fiction, but it’s always been contemporary Los Angeles. I’d already written an LA historical now I wanted something different and NYC in the 1800s was perfect. Part of my heritage is Irish and I knew immigration was high then. The final clincher came when I found a reference to a massive blizzard that hit New York in 1888. Having been in my share of bad blizzards I could imagine what it would have been like to have that slam into your city after a beautiful, springlike day. So Ashes & Ice was born.

63rd Street and Third Avenue during the Great Blizzard of 1888.

Snow piled up high on the corner of 63rd Street and Third Avenue during the Great Blizzard of 1888.

Amazon Canada

Eternal Press 

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New Book Cover

It’s always exciting to finally get the cover for your latest novel. The wait can be a bit nerve wracking since you don’t know if it will be good, bad or indifferent and book covers have a big part in selling the product.

My newest publisher, Damnation Books/Eternal Press, did ask for input on the cover, then sent an unfinished version for my approval. I’m not sure what would have been done if I hated it–gone back to the drawing board or tell me to suck it up, but it’s a moot question since I loved it. The only suggestion I had was the tagline under the title as opposed to the one they had.

This novel is a departure for me, my first mainstream historical after 13 contemporary gay novels–see them at http;// I’m also doing them under a pseudonym, GK Parker–

Ashes & Ice will be released January 1, 2015 and if that isn’t a great way to start a new year, I don’t know what is.

Ashes & Ice follows two Irish immigrants who come to America for a better life. They arrive in New York, a city not very fond of the Irish right then. The two immigrants, strangers when they first met on the ship, go their separate ways, both fighting to survive in a world that doesn’t want them, in the worst slum in American history–Five Points. It’s an exciting story that pits them against dangerous people, nature and a ten-year-old street urchin who’s too cocky for his own good and gets everybody into trouble. Along the way an unusual horse called Peg enters their lives and may just be the key to their survival.

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Writing Resource – Spelling on the Go: Commonly Misspelled Words at Your Fingertips by Jodie Renner

jodieI recently discovered Jodie Renner’s handy, clickable e-resource, Spelling on the Go – Commonly Misspelled Words at Your Fingertips. This is a fantastic resource for authors! Whether you’re a journalist, fiction or nonfiction writer, student, blogger, editor, or anyone else on a busy schedule (aren’t we all these days?), this clickable spelling list will save you tons of time. Not 100 percent sure of the spelling of a word, or whether it’s hyphenated or capitalized? Keep this resource on your screen or beside you on your Kindle or tablet or smartphone, then just click on the first two letters, check the word quickly, and you’re back to your writing project within seconds.
Available at and

And watch for Jodie’s clickable companion guide, Grammar on the Go – Style and Usage Tips for Busy Writers and Editors, out November 12th


A Reliable Time-Saving Reference for Writers, Journalists, Students, Bloggers, Copy Editors, and Proofreaders. This handy, clickable, alphabetical grammar and usage guide has lots of internal links to make it super-easy for busy writers and editors to navigate, so you can get in and get out and get back to work in seconds. A quick and easy, user-friendly guide to troublesome grammar and punctuation points, with current usage for many commonly misused and frequently confused words, terms, and expressions.

Jodie Renner, a former member of the London Writers Society, now lives in Kelowna, BC, where she’s a freelance editor and award-winning author of Fire up Your Fiction – An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Stories, and her companion editor’s guide, Writing a Killer Thriller. Her third book in the series, Captivate Your Readers, will be out in late 2014.;; Facebook; Twitter; Jodie’s blog; Jodie’s group blog, The Kill Zone.

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LWS member Rita Hartley’s book launch

Rita Hartley's book launch is Saturday, August 23rd

Rita Hartley’s book launch is Saturday, August 23rd

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Are you a local, independent author? (Oct. 25)

""(Via London Public Library’s staff blogs)

Join us for the Local Authors’ Book Fair on Oct. 25 from 10 – 2 p.m. at the Covent Garden Market.  Chat with readers, connect with other authors and sell your work in the market mezzanine.  All authors of small press, indie or self-published books of any genre; zinesters and comics artists are welcome.  For more information, or to register, click here.

The book fair is part of  Words: The Literary and Creative Arts Festival, Oct. 24-25.  Words is a new festival in London, ON, that celebrates all things wordy. Find out more at and stay tuned for exciting updates!

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LWS member Ernie Briginshaw releases new book — The Legacy

We’re pleased to announce that LWS member Ernie Briginshaw has released his second novel – The Legacy.


Life is pretty good for the Baxter boys. Eric Baxter is a recent college graduate starting his career in financial planning. His younger brother Chip is a promising athlete heading off to compete at the Olympic Games in Brazil. And their father, Brian, has accumulated a tidy sum of money over his life. As Eric prepares to start managing his father’s money, he learns that his father’s most important objective is to leave a legacy. But when Eric and his brother are kidnapped along with several other people while on a tour in Brazil, the legacy is in jeopardy. Will the hostages be rescued before the final deadline is reached? Will Brian go against the recommendations of the FBI and the Brazilian police and pay the ransom? Their fate is determined in “The Legacy”.

Click here to check out the ebook on

Click here to check out the print version (~$9.50) on

Congrats again, Ernie!

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LWS member Pat Brown featured

Pat Brown, published under P.A. Brown, is featured on Dawn’s Reading Nook. She talks a little about her writing now and in the future, including her latest releases.

Lloyd Meeker says: “After reading the excerpt I had to buy the story. It’s terrific, as is everything I’ve read of Pat’s. Solid, intelligent story with a really interesting treatment of dragon-hood. Well done, Pat!

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London Playwrights Lab presents SECRET LIVES OF A SEX DOLL, May 3

London Playwrights Lab presents SECRET LIVES OF A SEX DOLL, May 3

Here’s a link to the Facebook invitation, and here are the details:

8 p.m., Sat., May 3
The Palace Theatre, 710 Dundas St. East, London
Tickets $5 at the door


Six new scripts from London playwrights — all with a sex doll as a character:

  • CAMPING WITH TED AND LOUISE by Joanna Lavallee: The heat goes up when the power goes out.
  • WHAT WOULD JANIE DO? by Lynda Martens: Unusual counselling by Dr. Janie.
  • TRAMPS by Richard Nagel (member of London Writers Society): A tramp finds his long-lost love, abandoned undera bench.
  • MADELAINE by Helen Wainman: Some friendships can’t be defined.
  • CHARLIE’S SPRING by Rob Wheeler: Charlie and May have a definite awakening.
  • CAROL FOR CHRISTMAS by Pauline Wimbush: Parents worry about their son’s current love interest.

Six London actors:

  • Joe Belanger
  • Josh Cottrell
  • Dorothy Downs
  • Pete Evans
  • Kerry Hishon
  • Dinah Watts

Three of London theatre’s best:

  • Host: Jim Schaeffer
  • Director: Bill McKenzie
  • Stage manager: Marilin Baron

Hope you can join us!

~ Richard Nagel

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London Authors Book Fair – Coming Fall 2014!

One of our intrepid members has been instrumental in setting up the first annual London Authors Book Fair, which will feature self-published authors from across London. Check out the details below!

Notes from the


PRESENT: Richard Philp, Rebecca Faber (Information Services Librarian), Kristen Caschera (Fiction Librarian).

Main Branch, 2 pm.

It was agreed that the LPL should host a “London Authors’ Book Fair” and that the following guidelines should pertain:

  1. Tentative date Oct. 25, 2014, 10am – 4 pm. (see below). To be confirmed in early in May.
  2. Restricted to self-published authors residing in London..
  3. Held in the Stevenson-Hunt room at the main branch. This room will hold about 13, 6′ tables.  The possibility of using the main corridor in addition will be explored.
  4. Cost will be $20/table, $10/ half table.
  5. Registration on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration to open in June, on-line at library website, form in “Access” (Summer).
  6. The library will put on a free, simultaneous workshop. I suggested “How to market your book” as a subject. Those wishing to attend could get someone to cover their table.
  7. Authors are responsible for providing their own on-site promotional material and for handling and securing their own cash (bring a float).


Any London Author who has published a work of fiction can submit it to the library to be included in the “Contemporary London Authors” section, where it will be retained for two years.

There is going to be a “Writers’ Festival” (official name not chosen yet) involving the LPL, Museum London and UWO plus some city cultural groups. They want our Fair to be part of the festival and the Oct date was their suggestion. Nov 15 was another date but we were all in favour of the Oct one.

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Emma Donoghue


Frog Music

Triple award winner, Emma Donoghue will read from her latest book, Frog Music. Fundraiser for Children’s and Youth literacy programs. Donations accepted at the door. A reception and book signing to follow. This event is sponsored by Friends of London Public Library, Oxford Book Shop and London Public Library.

It will be held in the Wolf Auditorium

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