Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you read my novel and tell me what it needs? Will you help me find a publisher or agent?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot provide free editing services or act as agents or publishers. We are like you–people busy with our own projects.

However, receiving individual help with your work via personal contacts you may make at the London Writers Society is one of the fundamental attractions of our creative community. In particular, our members who join critique groups and participate wholeheartedly find a community happy to give opinions and advice.

Q: Is there a policy of copyright and non-disclosure? I am assuming that those who attend adhere to a policy of copyright and non-disclosure? Or else those in attendance would not provide a very open discussion of ideas, or story lines. Or does one take one’s chances?

A: We believe  the feeling of mutual encouragement, peer support and pride within the society is too strong for  members to ever want to use another’s work. You’ll find that — as our members work together, help each other, and support each other’s goals of getting published — the bond between us becomes very strong.

Moreover, in this era in which publishing is such a challenge, the danger that someone is going to overhear someone else’s opus and rush off to publish it is not really very high.

Q: Are there requirements I need to meet in order to join the society? Are there prerequisites to joining? Or just a desire to write or discuss writing?

A: The London Writers Society is very inclusive–we welcome everyone interested in writing. The society exists for the benefit of all writers and all people interested in writing, in all genres of writing, at all levels of their development. There are no prerequisites or requirements. Do not feel disqualified from joining because you do not feel you are  a ‘true writer’ or because you are just starting out — while it’s true that many of our members are widely published, many are complete beginners or are people just interested in the writing field. All are welcome!

Q: Is there a cost to join the society?

A: Membership in the London Writers’ Society is only $25 per year. This supports the society’s activities, which are coordinated by the elected executive committee of member volunteers. There is also an Associate Membership, a scaled-down version of our Full Membership for those who do n ot want to attend meetings, or unable to attend meetings. See our membership Tab for more details.