Rene Natan

Bio of Rene Natan (aka Irene Gargantini Strybosch)

I always wanted to be a storyteller. At recess time I would gather some of my schoolmates and entertain them with stories—some of my own, others just summaries of books I read. My life, however, took a different turn, and I ended up following a career in information technology (as Professor Irene Gargantini). This over, I reverted to my old passion: plotting intrigues and mysteries and creating romantic or passionate encounters. I took several e-courses on fiction writing and began jotting down my tales. So far I have written ten novels, several short stories and co-authored a novella. The genre varies from romantic suspense to thriller. See and
As an author, my goal is threefold: having fun in writing, entertaining the readers and offering them an uplifting vision at life.

Second place, the 2015 Five Star Dragonfly Book Awards for The Woman in Black
Silver Medal, the 2015 Global Ebook Awards for The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton 
Honorable Mention, 2014 San Francisco Book Festival, for Fleeting Visions
First place, 2012 Five Star Dragonfly Award for the Blackpox Threat
Finalist in the 2011 National Indie Excellence Award for the Blackpox Threat
Honorary Mention, 2012 San Francisco Book Competition for the Bricklayer



Lemoncella Cocktail is the story of a young man who, by saving a teenager from drowning is drawn out of his comfort zone and into the fight against arms dealers working in Canada. Action, 2016, 





Fleeing Visions is a thriller centered on underage prostitution (nothing graphic, though). Louis Saura, orphan at the age of two and raised by an old uncle, becomes prey to a vicious criminal. 2013, (ebook and softcover)




The Loves and Tribulations of Detective Stephen Carlton (ebook, romance) is centered on the life and misfortunes of a man of the law who falls in love with the wrong woman: a female athlete on the run. 2015.



41yocag7vqlThe Woman in Black, dedicated to all parents of handicapped children aims at entertaining the reader while portraying the hardship of coping with a mentally retarded girl who becomes a mother. 2014, 



51aomkxjakl-_sx331_bo1204203200_The Bricklayer is a thriller. Everything is going well for Frederick Dalton, until he hires a female engineer in his construction company. Thriller, 2012, (eBook and paperback)



51tvhkwl30l-_sx322_bo1204203200_The Blackpox Threat is a spy story. Her country threatened by a deadly epidemic, Tamara Smith moves from her comfort zone to a world filled with deception, treachery and life-threatening danger. 2010, 



The Jungfrau Watch is a political thriller. A young man is raised to believe that communism is the panacea for all the problems of the world. Then the Soviet Union collapses, exposing all its crimes. What chances has a person like that to redeem himself? Available from the author.

The Red Manor (Omnia vincit amor) is about family bonds that stretch over two continents; here love overcomes both greed and cleverly engineered criminal plots. Romance, 2008, (softcover)

fireunderneaththeice_autogenimg_smallFire Underneath the Ice (a novella coauthored by Sharon Crawford under the pen name Natanevin) is a love story. Revenge is supposed to be sweet, but when Michael Hamming decides to take it out on the daughter of his nemesis, he finds love instead. 2010


5e564e41c9c808ec4de510fc7264066bdcad1574The Collage (romantic suspense) describes the anguish of a young woman accused of a murder she hardly remembers of having committed. Creative Guy Publishing, 2004




730a212d226fe1bb3e5b54d5572751dcf2066c88Mountains of Dawn is about an orphan who wanders from foster home to foster home with no place she can call home. Suddenly she comes into money—but the people who killed her parents are now after her. (ebook)

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