Workshops for 2011-2012

October: Description/Setting Scene – Pat
November: Characterization – Barry
*December: Finding time to write/work-life balance – Clarissa
January: Research – Helga
February: Pacing and Plotting – Jolene
March: Brainstorming/Writer’s Block – John Hitchens, and Motivation/Inspiration – Heather
April: Imagery – Barry
May: Dialogue – Pat
June: Editing Session – Jolene

* – we could combine this with a Christmas party. Maybe at Chaucer’s

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3 Responses to Workshops for 2011-2012

  1. CA says:

    When and where do these take place?

  2. gkparker says:

    The workshops all take place at the London Writers Society meeting on the third Thursday of each month. Coming in November 17th, we have a guest speaker and Barry Brewster will be talking about characterization.

    Everyone is also invited to bring something to read if they like.

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